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What is Solarbid?

Solarbid is an online quote tool designed by Arizona-based solar installation companies to help consumers receive competitive quotes for home solar. We believe that consumers are smart enough to design and quote their own systems without the high cost of commissioned salespeople and their high pressure sales tactics. We believe in the consumer to decide for themselves, and we're here to guide you along the way.

Why we developed Solarbid.

The cost of customer acquisition in the solar industry can reach as high as $1.00 per watt. Considering the average home solar system size in Arizona exceeds 10,000 watts, this is adding over $10,000 in unnecessary costs such as commissions, Google Ads and other forms of online marketing, the cost of generating and purchasing leads, and other soft marketing costs.

There are solar salespeople with great integrity who deserve every dime they earn. However, in today's market we see solar salespeople that simply don't know the product they're selling, don't know how to design systems properly, don't understand utility obstacles, and will simply do whatever it takes to make the sale by overselling and under-delivering. We'd like to eliminate those pitfalls for consumers.

Designing a grid-tied solar electric system isn't overly difficult and you have the experience of nearly 10000 systems designed and built in Arizona since 2008 at your disposal. Use our knowledge and our quote tool to leverage the best price possible for you and your family.

Click to get your Solarbid and find out how much you could be overpaying.

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